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Equipment Lease Providing Financing to Businesses Regardless of Credit History


Equipment Lease Financing is a leading provider of equipment leasing, equipment financing, equipment loans and office equipment financing. The company specializes in financing and leasing all types of equipment to small- and medium-sized businesses, regardless of their credit histories. Businesses that are in need of financing for specialized equipment and companies that would like to lease equipment can turn to Equipment Lease Financing, even if they have less-than-perfect credit. “We’re willing to work with all small- and medium-sized businesses,” says the owner. “That’s true even if they have bank rejections and other blemishes on their credit histories. We work with these companies to provide workable financing and leasing solutions.”
Companies often struggle to find the right leasing and financing options. It can be especially difficult for companies that have bank rejections and blemishes on their credit histories. In recent years, many established businesses have experienced financial difficulties. Those companies often struggle to find reliable office equipment financing options and equipment leasing options. “To get the economy back on track, businesses of all shapes, sizes and financial strengths need to have access to quality financing,” says one employee. “Many lenders out there are unwilling to work with companies that have experienced financial difficulties. We’re the exception.”
Equipment Lease Financing works to make the financing and leasing process as simple as possible. Interested companies can get started by visiting the Equipment Lease Financing website or by making a quick phone call. By providing a small amount of information, a company can get started Forex on finding the equipment financing or leasing option that it needs. Companies with credit histories of all kinds are welcome. “Many lenders won’t even consider working with a company that has bank rejections and other blemishes on its credit history” says the employee. “We set up companies like that with excellent financing and leasing options all the time. It’s what we do.”
Equipment Lease Financing is a viable option for any business that needs to lease or finance equipment. The company offers lease and financing options for all types of equipment. Approvals are typically processed within 24 hours. “We work with businesses that have ratings from AAA to C,” says the employee. “More than 90 percent of those who apply are approved. Needless to say, that makes our clients very happy.” Equipment Lease Financing also offers competitive interest rates, flexible payment schedules and flexible buy-out options. “Our goal is to make equipment loans and leases as easy as possible,” says the owner.
Equipment Lease Financing is available to work with small- and medium-sized businesses right now. Companies with ratings from C to AAA are invited to apply. “The way we look at it is that the economy isn’t going to turn around anytime soon. Someone needs to be willing to help out these struggling businesses. That’s exactly what we specialize in, and we’ve already set up equipment leasing and office equipment financing for many businesses that have less-than-perfect credit,” adds the owner. Equipment Lease Financing’s website can be found at, and the company can also be reached at (800) 997-2481.